Mark Stavish: Kabbalah for Health and Wellness
Book review for Wiccan Rede

Another modern Western Mysticism book. Stavish uses the works of Dion Fortune, Israel Regardie and all the rest of the usual set of 19th-20th century Hermeticists, and compiles them into one paperback.

The book focuses on the connection between Kabbalistic techniques and health issues. Although the author does have some ideas that are worth consideration and does practice the techniques he writes about, there is not a lot of original material.

All the usual pronounciation mistakes are there (they are around for a while now), and there are some new ones as well (Aesh Metzareth instead of Aesh Metzareph), although the latter might be only typos.

It is not exactly a bad book, and Stavish's passion for the Hermetic Tradition as a living path clearly shines through; but it's not exactly a good book either.

However, you might want to read it if you are interested in a Western Kabbalah in Practice 101 book, and since the author gives everything in english first (that is to say, his understanding of the Hebrew terminology), you don't even have to remember all those strange and hard to pronounce words like Kether.